The idea of always wanting to do it like the ”almighty” Nigerians or copy the Nigerian entertainment industry’s way of doing things is becoming alarming. Is it a sign of incompetence or failure to be creative?

We were all excited about Daphné releasing the videos of her latest release singles Promets-Moi directed by Adah Akenji and Jusqu’à la gare by NS Pictures. The music videos minutes after it’s release were very much appreciated as the views keep counting by music lovers who have passion for art and great work, little did we know that video production house NS Pictures seems to have ran out of concepts and creativity.

Fans after watching the video (Jusqu’à la gare) noticed that the concept and storyline of the video seems to be an exact duplication of Timi Dakolo‘s ‘‘Iyawo Mi’‘ shot by Clarence A. Peters. Timi Dakolo is a Nigerian Singer Songwriter and a member of the jury for TheVoice Naija.

I know Clarence is big and he seems to be the role model of almost all video directors from Cameroon. Well its obvious both videos are the same and it’s clear NS Pictures ran out of ideas this time around.

However, here are both links for you guys to judge, watch and tell us what you think.

– Victor Kange