Many hit songs alongside popular love songs are mostly inspired by heartbreaks. A few examples are Sorry and Love Yourself by Justin Bieber after he fell out with one time Disney actress Selena Gomez. Sam Smith had one time revealed that, thanks to one of his former boyfriends who broke his heart it inspired his music to reach higher heights up to the point when he won a Grammy. One of the very first gay men to do that.

Coming down to Kamer levels, Blanche Bailly in a late post yesterday 23rd November also reveals heart breaks inspired her pop out with hit songs. Rumour has it that the female star has  broken up with her alleged  Photographer boyfriend Nji Asonganyi. In her post, she mentioned that all her hit songs were inspired by break ups. And if its true, then  as the break ups continue, we expect her songs not only to beat the likes of Calée , La Sauce, and Mimbayeur but  to bring home Afrimas and BET awards because the dude is fresh and clean.  See  What she wrote below;

Now, my worry is, will she prefer being hurt in every relationship just to come out with hit songs?  I wonder who will let that ”back side and figure 8” go for anything in this world. Well we don’t care how many times your heart gets torn into pieces, just keep on giving us the hit songs. It’s all we ask.

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– Victor Kange