Brenda Biya vs Mina Eyango

Brenda Biya vs Mina Eyango

After Clashing and falling out with her ex girlfriend Dencia, Brenda Biya did not take it lightly with her long time childhood friend Mina Eyango who is the daughter of legendary makossa artiste Ndedi Eyango.

Brenda and Mina attended thesame primary schools and shared alot together. We knew all was fine with them until Bree Biya burst the internet with crazy allegations against her bestie Mina.


According to Brenda, Mina was not who she pretented to be all these years. Bree said she’s a betrayal and even went as far as calling her a snake and someone who sleeps around with married men while deceiving that she’s still a virgin.

Allegations which Mina did not stay quiet over. In an Instagram Live Session with her fans, Mina defended herself by refuting everything Brenda said. She said she’s Still a Virgin and has never slept with a married man. In a calm spirit, Mina Said she can’t blame Brenda because she has mental issues.


Cameroon’s first daughter has been going through alot lately, she even faced an attempted kidnapping from her housekeeper and driver. What do you think is the issue with Brenda Biya ?