Good morning dear 237showbees we hope this week started off well for you. Today, we will once more go to discover one of our own celebrities. Today we have a brothet who evolves out of our national triangle but yet still representing our culture decently so that said. These are 5Things You Did Not Know About Blackybone.

1. Son Of The Soil: Blackybone is a Cameroonian Afro pop and Dancehall artist based in China.


2. Proudly Black: Blackybone developed his stage name from being referred to as “hei ren” in Chinese which translates to English as “black man”. He then decided to call himself Blackbone which is a short way of accepting he’s not only black, but black to the bone.


3. A Real “Graffi” Man: Blackybone is originally from Mankon Bamenda where he grew up. As a child, Blackybone attended G.S Kambe , C.S Alakuma and C.S Ntanka in Bamenda. Blackybone also went on to attend G.T.C Bamenda, Jomatt College of technology,G.T.H.S Bamenda and G.T.H.S Kumbo where he started his music career as a dancer and a rapper.  


4. Pioneered The Creation Of A Music Club In His Secondary Days: Blackybone(Then Jolie-A)Pioneered the  opening of the first music club in G.T.H.S Kumbo in 2008.   


5. He Is Multi-skilled: Blackybone is a self-trained music producer, Sound engineer graphic designer, video editor,cook  and a barber.