“In the mood of a leader”, the Orange Cameroon program that makes young people dream

As part of the launch of its campaign for the holidays, Orange Cameroon wishes to renew its commitments to Cameroonian youth. For this edition, the brand offers the opportunity to all young people of Mboa to be in the right mood.

Among the many activities planned for this holiday, Orange Cameroon is launching the long-awaited program entitled “Dans le mood d’un leader”. This program offers young people the opportunity to become a manager at Orange Cameroon for a day. Live the daily life of a leader, be in his state of mind, receive his advice and live an exceptional experience.

All motivated young people with big dreams are invited to participate in this activity. All Orange Cameroon departments will open their doors to young people during the program.

To subscribe is simple:
Go on Orange Pulse now and try to win your place to join one of the Directions of Orange Cameroon.

To register please follow this link https://bit.ly/43n0pQU