The Rebirth double EP by Blahk Santa saw the contribution of so many Cameroonian rappers such as Wan Shey, Young Holiday, Mic Monsta, Skidi Boy and Yung Time just to name a few. The EP with a total of 10 tracks has been getting positive reactions far and wide as many fans have been nodding their heads to the raps and rhymes. However, confusion came in when on the audio track Business by Blahk Santa Ft Mic Monsta X Yung Time X Skidi Boy all rappers were present for the recording and production of the song, not until when the official video was released and Mic Monsta’s verse was cut off. He was nowhere seen near the video shoot, neither did he the video itself.

A very reliable source told us that while shooting was going on in BueaMic Monsta was in Bamenda for a show thus his schedule seemed to have clashed. Although fans find it difficult to believe that this is the sole reason why his verse was cut off and the only reason why he didn’t appear in the video, rumour has it that Mic Monsta’s management wasn’t contacted for the project and since both teams couldn’t come into a conclusion, his participation was trimmed out.

Have you watched the video Business? What about the audio?
The EP is available for free on 237showbiz and we also made the video available for you guys. Watch, enjoy and share.

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Victor Kange