Tzy Panchak Ft Lill Humble,Waxzey,BabiC,Merton,Doriane,Cookie,Tilla,Wambeng,Dici Oku,Snoopy & Pierose – My Life

Blue Nation soldier Tzy Panchak drops his new single “My Life” Featuring 11 young artists.

‘My Life’ is a diary which tells tales of realities. Realities in the lives of the 11 artistes featured in the project.Realities that every other person can relate to. The journey of life is in the experiences we deal with, the struggles we endure, and what we make of them. Even though no two people have the same life journey, the stories of Tzy Panchak, Lill Humble, Waxzey, Babi C, Lex Merton, Doriane, Cookie, Tilla, Wambeng Dici Oku, Snoopy Binka and Pierose Untamed, as expressed in My Life, will definitely resonate with you, because you will surely see part of your life, in their lines.

“My Life “ was directed by Mr Adrenaline while produced by Abztrumental

Download “My Life” by Tzy Panchak below