Rapper Kobo sends a teaser message to the Nigerian music industry Titled “Reply to Naija” in this song,He says that Their industry is younger than that of Cameroon though popular than the former.

Nigerians are not that talented than Cameroonians but just fortunate for their wide fan base.

They have a population of about 210 million unlike Cameroon with 26millions and they have a single language which is English unlike Cameroon with dual languages (English and French) which hinders the smooth and fast progress of the industry.

Similarly, their industry is highly subsidised by the government and this encourages artists to put in more into their work since they have a large market and will benefit from the government subsidies. To conclude, Nigeria vs Cameroon as far as Showbiz is concerned are more or less than each other in one way or the other.but if we kill the differences and regard each other Africa,we gonna bit the world in Showbiz