Richard Bona one of Cameroons musical legends to ever bless the planet earth shared a Facebook post on the 20th of January   aimed at the  Cameroon government who have vehemently refused to listen to the cry of the Anglophone people. The ongoing crisis in the Anglophone regions where the people are being molested, deprived of ordinary resources  such as internet and is if it is not enough the banning and  mass arrest of  the leaders of the Consortium etc have angered many who do not seem to see why the government cannot decide on  two options being placed on the table by the people. The USA based singer sums up his message in a very short but meaningful post titled “Fédération n’est pas Séparation.” meaning Federation is not separation. Amidst the ongoing strike actions staged by the people of the Southern Cameroons Richard Bona just adds to a few number of artiste making their voices heard. Read his complete post below and share your thoughts with me what you think the  people should be fighting for . Federation or complete independence? .