Today our focus is on Cameroonian video director Mametz saker Popularly known as Mr TCHECK. The Douala based Video director was born in limbe  and has been a Music Video director for 5 years now.  He started in 2013  working with popular  Video Man  shamak allaramadji  as a student for about 6 months that  molded him and gave him the necessary skills  such as video editing, coming out with a great concept, location, planning..etc.  Mr Tcheck after being with Shamak had always had the zeal and inspiration to create his own company and be his own Boss.  
After some experience with just working with Shamak for a short time, the talented video man, decided it was time  to create his own production house/structue which he titled   SKY-STAR FILMSSky star films in a perioud of about 3 years have recorded enormous success and as years have gone by, there has been some improvement in his craft and price tag. Today Mr Techeck  charges between  1.5 million to 6 million FCFA. Mr Tcheck  revealed to us that he had his biggest pay with Congolese Most Popular singer Koffi Olomide in his song Frere de terre who paid a whooping 6 million francs for his video. Despite his experience in the cameroon music industry, Mr Tcheck‘s prices are flexible  with majority  paying about 2 million FCFA.
TCheck out of love for the industry always puts out a special reduction to completely new and upcoming artists with a price tag of 800,000francs.
Some of the Videos Tcheck has Directed are listed below:

  •  FEATURIST ( Babaah, Tu Connais, One Day, Touh Mbap, fame Lah, Polongo, Featurist featuring KEDJEVARA Coming out soon )
  • Franko(Coller La Petite, Telephone, )
  • KOFFI OLOMIDE (Frere de terre )
  • X MALEYA( Marriage..etc)
 Will you like to Work with Mr Tcheck? if yes contact him on his Social Handles below.
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Facebook : mametz saker / mr tcheck