The results of the Afrima3.0 awards held in Nigeria on the 6th of november is causing much buzz online. Cameroon copped 3 awards for Best Central Africa(Wax Dey) , Best Inspirational Female – Naomi Achu (Cameroon), Best Artist/Duo/Group African Hiphop- Stanley Enow (Cameroon), congrats to the winners. Instead of fans celebrating,  majority of fans are expressing their anger as to why Stanley and Wax dey will win those categories, instead of their respective prefered choice or atleast instead of their powerful contestants such as Sarkodie,Jovi etc. Being nominated for an award is one thing and winning the ahead is another, your promotion strategy in most cases should be the killer move in other to win. Many fans bellieve this particular awards have some mafia going on, Comments have been flooding left and right….the comment section that created a heated fuss was the facebook status  of Taphis official. It saw  artists  and many fans expressing their anger as to why Stanley and Wax Dey would win instead of Jovi and Franko. Maahlox is known to be the guy who calls a spade a spade, He spilled out his comments in a condenscending way…..His comments were the most notorious. He  clearly mentioned that  the winners are “meilleur AMBASSADEUR DE LA CULTURE NIGÉRIANE AU CAMEROUN” . Read a screenshot of Maahlox’s comments  below to get more about this. What do you think about what he said? is he right? leave your comments below

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