Pascal  hops in first, with his cool and lyrically  sick punchlines, using  pidgin-english to talk about the realities hitting up our today society about how life is an every day struggle. Reniss makes it even better with the chorus, pouring out her  ardent French delivery as we heard in La sauce. The song was produced by Le Monstre, he can also be heard  flexing throwing out quick rap punches  as though it was a boxing game. Makero is Cameroonian culture all in one  Pidgin, English, and French rhymes while fusing fresh trap beats, understated hip-hop samples to create a sound that’s uniquely Cameroonian. You’ll probably need some “La Sauce” to eat this Makero. Keep purchasing Yungkings’s Album #Workdey3. Mboko brethren would vibe to this one easily for sure, Enjoy and lets relate in the comment section below.