Ale Myz is a USA-based Cameroonian singer/songwriter. She was born in Mamfe and grew up in Limbe, a seaside city in the SW Region of Cameroon.

She started singing at the age of 8 with her sisters. She joined the church choir at 11 and during the choir’s grand concert sometimes, she would do a solo performance to show case her talent. She became part of an acapella group in high school which eventually composed an album. That was the period when she had her first studio experience.

Ale Myz began her professional music journey in 2013 by doing covers of other great artists songs and doing them differently in her own style so that people can see her creativity. “Her voice alone gives a lot of inspiration to many”, said one of her fans.

She grew up listening to so many artists in the likes of Grace Decca, Bébé Manga, Richard Bona, Tuface, R. Kelly, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and many more. Right now, she just listens to good music’, regardless of the genre.

Ale Myz released her first single, a highly applauded song titled “FIRE” – which is a song drawn from a personal experience. It says “fire should burn the enemy, especially those who work full-time trying to bring others down and always looking for ways to block one’s progress.”

Most people relate to the song because we all have people who try to block our progress. Ale Myz has performed on the same stage at concerts for legendary Cameroonian artists like Petit Pays, Douleur, Coco Argentée.

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