”Even real talent still needs promo” Words of one of Naija’s finest artistes Falz The Bahd Guy. The Holiweek EP is unarguably Camer’s most hyped and promoted EP in recent times both online and offline. You just can’t deny the fact that a single day didn’t pass you by without you catching a glimpse of a social media post talking about the EP, be it a hashtag, flyer or even in comment sections. With major power houses on deck like MCMG, JMartinsPromo etc spreading the gist like wild fire its obvious everyone knew what was coming.

The so much anticipated EP dropped on Monday the 20th of November. With just 4 days gone since its release, the most awaited EP this year has been making waves in and outside the country with screenshots of purchase emails popping out of every corner. Many artistes, producers, music lovers, lovers of rap music most especially are already comparing the lad to some of the already made legends and award winning artistes. Well these days, it’s no longer the artistes who do the talking but the fans as we saw with the case of Tzy Panchak being defended for being referred to as a ”Situational Artiste”.

If you’ve listened to the EP, you’ll notice the rapper stays on his grind, not a single word in French. Something you’ll rarely find with other rappers these days. Is the advent of Young Holiday going to cause chaos amongst rappers? Which rappers seat is at stake? Well the game has just begun. The EP is sold for 1000F via MTN Mobile Money and this seems to be working since many potential music consumers can’t afford bank cards.

For those who can afford especially outside Cameroon, it’s available on youngholiday.bandcamp.com Purchase it and give us your feedback . And dont forget to tell usย  if the EP was worth all theย  promo and hype?

– Victor Kange (#NaTengiYesu)