Ténor drops BAHAT series of freestyles . The young super star who recently wrote his name in the history books for having a sold out show at the PAPOSY ,  goes hard on series of beats as he delivers hot bars back to back on every episode,

” Le plaisir est mieux quand il est partagé,
C’est ppue ça qu’on aime faire des cadeaux “

Bahat #1 was released on August 8 2018. You can download, enjoy and vibe among with the lyrics video. Drop your thoughts below.

Two days later, Tenor dropped the second episode of his Bahat Life freestyle as he continues to trill us with his bars and punchlines.

In Bahat Life #2 Tenor tries to explain how he wanted to do just music and get a few coins in his pockets but little did he know that the music comes with the business and as such you have to carry out certain functionalities that aren’t music related. The lyric video was put together by Magicien Picture. I urge every Tenor inspired  artiste to listen to this and be inspired. Tenor dropped the Bahat Life #2 on the 10 of August 2018. It was produced by HYPE.


Bahat Life #3 by Tenor comes 4 days later, Tenor once more proves his rapid flow and raps on beats by PCP and lyrics video by Magicien Picture. He also makes it clear in this episode that he is the boss, the king and the “roi”.

” Sortie d’un couplet prématuré vais-je recevoir un appel d’UNIVERSAL
Mais ma tetutesse me dit mes fans veulent la dernière syllabe qu’il y a dans UNIVERSAL”


Since Bahat looks like a publicity to his concert tomorrow the 18/08/18 and he just dropped the 4th we’re hoping this isn’t the last of this freestyle series by Ténor. He goes hard on every line and every bar. One of the lines which caught one attention goes thus;


” Pour moi être polygame c’est la fidélité
On vend les presos mais on condamne l’infidélité “

Listen to all four episodes and endeavour to leave a comment behind.

Victor Kange