In modern day society, social media is the most used methods of communicating, sharing ideas and seeking opinion, views and helping hands. Some few weeks back, SabiBoy Record’s fast rising rapper updated his status in the music game. So many fans, observers and music lovers viewed the rapper’s post on social media, while some ”Liked” before ”reading” others shared after ”watching”. The atmosphere was so tensed as no one had the urge to comment on the ”Status Update”..

After several weeks of a status update of over 3.400+ views on YouTube, Vanilla Tunes and MCMG’s very own covered talent Young Holiday decided to pick up his keyboard (Mic)  to comment on Wan Shey’s status. ”LTW Letter To Wan Shey” 
The song was produced by DJ W aka Large Pro. 

Is the reply friendly?  Is it a fired shot ? Young has opened the comment section. It’s your turn to give us your own replies. Download this epic rap piece below..

Victor Kange