Hard Fire is a Cameroonian singer/songwriter of real names MBAH ONDOGOMMA EMMANUEL, born on the 25th of December 1992 in IKILIWINDI MILE 10.

HARD FIRE fell in love with music at the tender age of 12 while in the primary school a talent that escalated into dancing. Hard Fire harnessed the love for music from his family background, with music-loving parents.


His love for music goes beyond passion, he believes it is a divine calling on earth, his greatest influence is his parents. He also gets inspired by great legends like BOB MARLEY, MANU DIBANGO, BUSY SIGNAL ,BEN DECCA, and PETIT PAYS.


HARD FIRE was a member of a group known as R.J.T where he was the lead singer, because of no finance, and no sponsor, some of the members left the group and went their separate ways for greener pastures and adventures.

After numerous attempts with several music labels and ventures, Hard Fire is coming back strong in 2021 with a new vision and perspective of his musical career.

Introducing his new Single ‘Enjoyment’, a vibe to all party people to enjoy and celebrate love.