Nakoma Austino is a 9 year old songstress who goes by names Anyanwu Faustynae-Austyne Nakoma Chizaram .She was born on 1st December 2012

The Little star started her musical career last year with the release of an EP titled Father’s Love dedicated to her late Dad. She proceeded to releasing a viral covid 19 sensitisation song and has since then performed in large concerts and events. She also does Marshall arts and has won 3 gold medals from NANBUDO .

Driven by passion to sing and her passion for football with the help of her mom she wrote the song “Champion” for the African cup of nation 2021 produced by Sangtum.
This song talks about Love for football and reminds us football unites people. Nakoma says “we all are Champions”.

She has many unreleased projects and is set to take Cameroon and the world by storm . Discover Nakuma Austino the future of Cameroon music and entertainment.

Download the song Champion