Apostle P is a Buea Based Gospel artist who has been doing music for 5 years now.
He is into all genres of music from Afro-beat in the heart of Africa to Rock music of the western nations. He just released a new song titled ” Jésus t’appelle”.
A Bilingual Writer/Composer by Heart, Apostle P’s desire is to get people fall in love with gospel music even before understanding it’s gospel.
Gospel music can also inspire people to be good and not just being a Christian . His main aim as an artist is to transform pagans into Christians .
If he can get a non-believer to dance to “Jésus T’appelle” as he/she sips his/her bottle of beer. Then why can’t he dance to it while his life belongs to Christ ? Says Apostle P
Check out his new song “Jésus T’appelle” below :