Born on November 18, 1992, in Kumba, Cameroon, Collins Njang started his music career by writing songs and sending to friends through text messages which from their feedbacks,

got inspired and started singing. At the age of 20, he recorded his first song “Town player” with friends. After taking some steps forward, he met Dready Ko-C& Tee (Tread Stone) who then encouraged his music career. Later, they both teamed up with other friends to form the most inspired and young talented group “Preach It Movement” (P.I.M). In July of 2015 they became signed artists of BTS Empire, a U.S based Record label. Today he goes by the name K.O-C who is believed to be Cameroonians fastest rapper. His first release was with the group P.I.M boys in a song titled Ici Au Kamer which gained much love from fans.