Everyone loves entertainment, this at least cannot be denied. People love to feed their eyes and ears while letting their minds travel and that is precisely what entertainment does. Whether it is comedy,tragedy,action,rhythm and blues or hardcore rap , all the forms  of entertainment bridge a gap between us and our innermost emotions and as such entertainment can be very instrumental in the social growth and consciousness of a people. So, what influence does the entertainment industry play in Cameroon as concerns societal issues. Well, in Cameroon the Movie Industry is particularly weak and has little outreach and as such the movie industry in Cameroon cannot be of any serious influence and hence has a minimal impact on the public, so we are left with the music sector. In society, the musicians always seem to represent the people, some artists in the past even made it a personal issue to call out the ills of the society and to ask those tough questions that everyone shunned from,notorious among such artists in Cameroon were Longue Longue, Valsero and Lapiro De Mbanga of late. But recently, all artists seem to have steered clear off that path, most of the musical content out now focus on love,life and pleasures and little or no music focuses on social growth. In the younger generation we have Jovi who started down that path  with songs such as Et p8 Koi, but soon deviated , while the acclamation some artists have  had for trying to call  out societal ills shows clearly how much the public miss’s such representation. I am talking here about Tzy Panchak in “Ngueme” and Wan Shey in “Status Update” who dared to talk about the things that go wrong in the society.  In a Nodeshell, our artists seem to have let us down or maybe nothing has struck them particularly to warrant such, What are your thoughts about this?.