Recently Cameroon’s rap game got very tough and as it is, it is about get even tougher than any of us could fathom. At the beginning of this week we saw two of Cameroon’s finest upcoming rappers come together on a song, whose lyrics keep playing constantly in my head and I believe that applies too to any Cameroonian rap lover who took out time to listen to it. And yes, I am talking about Wan Shey

and Young Holiday who were accompanied by N.A.T Official in Status Update 2, the punchlines and morale fitting perfectly in their place, more like a “This Is Cameroon” but without the borrowed concept and name and also way deeper than what anyone might have expected.And to our greatest amazement, few days ago it was revealed that some two others of Cameroon’s finest rappers will be getting on a song together.

Here we are talking about Big Dreams’ Ko-C and Universal Music’s Tenor. These two rappers are notorious for their breathtaking punchlines, rhymes and most of all their amazing speed. Some people have happened to argue more than once about who is fastest and more prolific, well, we will be discovering that soon enough as “Balancé” is set to drop anytime soon. What do you think will come from this two big heads of Cameroonian rap?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this while we anticipate the release of “Balancé”.

Written by,

Emmanuel Asafor