Smith Brown is a multi-talented and remarkable Cameroonian writer, actor and model with many years of experience whose works have crossed boundaries and melted many hearts. In the account of modeling, Smith Brown has made numerous deposits with world-class agencies and fashion brands in the United Arab Emirates, UAE such as ADIDAS, whereby he showcased clothing, footwears and other accessories. Confidence, poise, photogenic, some qualities of a good model, Smith Brown has it all.

Photo Credit: Smith Brown

Smith Brown: Cameroonian Writer, Actor, Model

As a prolific actor, Smith Brown has graced TV screens with his remarkable acting skills as he has acted as a performer in a couple of adverts, short films, TVC’s, documentaries, music videos and other related projects. All the actor needs to perform the magic is a director who yells ACTION!

As a realistic fiction writer Smith pens down touching stories, poetry, inspirational/motivational quotes, scripts and even songs that move mountains.

Smith Brown: Cameroonian Writer, Actor, Model

When it comes to creative writing it is a “Hats Off” thing as he deserves his accolades in this domain. Smith Brown writes effortlessly both fiction and non fiction stories with a couple of them available on his social media platforms. All the writer needs is a photograph or picture. By looking at any picture, Smith can create a full story out of it that will leave you feeling along the lines like it was an event happening at that period of time. In the bank account of films, Smith Brown has successfully deposited 4 different soul touching stories which have all been produced and are available on YouTube. Today, Smith deposits another epic and heart touching story dedicated to the universe most especially to every mother and love ones who have families that have travelled overseas in search for greener pastures.

Far From Home“, the short film gives hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. We would not be advising viewers to watch this with popcorn. What you need is tissue paper because it is surely going to end in tears. Directed by Bertrand Awa, Watch and leave your comments behind.