After the peace song blunder, some artistes seem to be steering their actions into a more admirable path. Salatiel who in a rather strange way came back at his critics probably because he estimated that they had done nothing to tackle the Anglophone Crisis and as such had no right to talk to him and his colleagues who have tried in their own way to foster peace seems to have retracted a little. Well, we will bank on judging neither Salatiel nor his critics as both parties are very much entitled to their opinions.
As it stands everyone seemed to believe that Cameroonian artistes especially the ones doing urban music could do more than sing a song about the crisis and Salatiel seems to agree with them. The Alpha Better Records boss was spotted paying a visit and bringing aide to some internally displaced victims of the crisis who are now resident in Douala with human rights activist Barrister Agbor Balla.
This move by Salatiel is being widely acclaimed by the same people who widely criticized the “We Need Peace” song and he is now seen more like a pacesetter in whose steps other artistes might want to walk. And the fact that he has made this move and the same people who criticized his previous move are commending him for undertaking this visit to truly impact the victims of the crisis proves once more that the goal of criticism from fans and especially bloggers is not to stone the artistes but to help him or her realize errors and walk in the right direction. And it is rather sad that the purity of intention of bloggers and media personnel is almost always misinterpreted for hate by most artistes.
That said, we hope that through Salatiel’s example other Cameroonian celebrities will see that they can do more for the victims of the ongoing crisis other than sing a song which they might never get to listen to due to their poor conditions of living . Once more thumbs up to Salatiel for showing that he could be a good example to a lot of his colleagues.
Written by
Emmanuel Asafor