A lot of people were or have been having worries about whether Wan Shey who will be representing Cameroon in this year’s Kamerfest Festival will go there and represent the country with just three tracks, well he is about to clear these doubts. Earlier today he announced the coming of his twin EP in a press release by his record label Sabiboy Records. The twin EP project comprising of Chopchair EP and Serene EP is scheduled to drop on the 5th September 2018 which is exactly one week today will probably come to ciment the reputation Wan Shey has earned for himself as a master of comic-conscious lyrical rap. Definitely this is some worth waiting for and we will do just that hoping the 5th December will bring us music which will be up to the expectation his previous releases have caused the public to attribute to him. The twin EP project will be available for purchase via Mobile Money. Be sure to get your own copy.