Few days after his very first  album WorkDey3 was released, a certain facebook user called Perrin Muma took t0 his facebook and expressed his frustration on how Pascal stole the beat for Homework(see Pic Below).



Before WorkDey3 was released Homework was leaked a few days before, the beat was soo exceptional with very witty and Dope punchlines  back to back from Pascal, which had fans wondering why Pascals’s Producer will let Pascal Flow on another Artists beat(because it is unlikely from the New Bell Music family). At the beginning of the song Pascal made it clear who the producer was when he said “God Damn it Damn, this beat na for kill one man”, so this rumours about him stealing the beat didnt make any sense, because Jovi Le monstre is the Best Producer in cameroon and from  history it is almost an impossibility for him to accept to flow on another person’s beat, neither will he accept for his Protege Pascal to do so. Well Pascal as well went to twitter to express his


frustration  and reaasures his fans that he will never do something like that (see screenshot).

In all of this the Big Question that still remains unasnwered is how did Apleblvck get access to this beat? did he just use it as an opportunity to promote himself? looking at his soundcloud he only got public attention after this happened in a song he released titled Kwata(listen below). In nodeshell The Beat is super Dope and music pundits will concentrate on the output, Who murdered the beat? Pascal or appleblvck? Click here to purchase #Workdey3. Leave your opinion about the whole beat saga in the comment section below.