We all were amazed when we heard of the deal Locko penned with Universal Music Africa, as it meant more exposure for the artiste who has already proven himself to be a big player in the Cameroonian music industry and that also meant more exposure for Cameroonian music. So it was all smiles and happiness as we saw another Cameroonian sign to the international label which had been working marvels with Tenor who at the beginning of this year became the first Cameroonian to sign up to this record label, so we all anticipated only good things for Locko and the Cameroonian music industry at large.

It is therefore a big surprise when we look into Locko’s career which prior to his signing with Universal Music Africa was one marked with a lot of consistency but since he signed with these guys he hasn’t released any music, or if he has anybody should feel free to drop the link to it on the comment section for us to check out. We do not know yet the terms of Locko’s contract with his new employers as such things are scarcely made public, but what we know is that Cameroonians love Locko for his vocal prowess and consistency in music and if he isn’t singing then he might slowly be losing his relevance in the Cameroonian music industry.

Locko after signing with Universal Music Africa promised an album to his fans which he revealed the name to be ‘Cloud Nine” but we’re yet to see anything of it and 2018 is in its last days. We have seen several Instagram pictures of him and other artistes traveling and living large but there’s no music out yet. We are left to wonder if the deal isn’t having a negative impact on his creative process, because we have seen that with a lot of artistes. It’s either his contract doesn’t include music release or better still, is he just using the tactic of suspense abusively?

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