Tenor Mr Le Fiang Le Way Le Yamo literally broke the internet recently when he released his single “LVMH” which is part of his “Nnom Ngui” EP, in a neatly shot overseas video produced by Mr. Behi and mixed and mastered by Ekie Bozeur, we see one of Cameroon’s finest punch liners try his hands to a language which in relation to him can be described as foreign. As usual he did quite well in the song, apart from a few language blunders such as “i’m too swag“, we are still trying to figure out what that means and “i got a new shoes” which seemed to ruin the opus, generally he did a decent job. Bearing in mind that this is the first time a purely Francophone rapper is doing this, i dare say the public was positively surprised. Although, a lot of people took to social media to throw shade at this particular song,

Although, a lot of people took to social media to throw shade at this particular song, Tenor did succeed to pull a lot of attention to himself and his work. This can clearly be seen as the number of views the video has gotten in the short while it has been out is quite impressive. Tenor has always been known to the public as a crazy guy, but also as someone who has fun with what he does, this particular move of his depicts his fearlessness in the rap game, it shows his undying determination to go to extremes in a bid to prove himself as one of the best rappers in Cameroon which by the way is a bilingual country, so a mastery of both language is a great asset to any artist. Like it or not by this move, Tenor has set very high bars for his Francophone colleagues and for all those who have eyes on Cameroon’s rap throne.

Let’s just sit back and watch as things unfold while awaiting to see what his performance will be like on August 18th 2018 as he plans to shut down the Yaoundé Multi-purpose Sports Complex in a gigantic concert. What do you think about this, do well to leave your thoughts behind.

Written by

Emmanuel Asafor