Tenor will be at the Yaoundé Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, this information by now can be referred to as common knowledge given that this particular concert has been cooking since Fally Ipupa came to Cameroon. His arrival caused Cameroonian artistes to wonder why Cameroonian music fans were so enthusiastic about foreign artistes concerts but yet shied away from those of home artistes, causing some artistes to take filling up the sports complex as a personal challenge and Maahlox in his usual daredevil style was the first to stand up to the challenge on the 26th June 2018 and he did make the most of it, going down in history as the first Cameroonian urban artiste to shut down the Yaoundé Multi-purpose sports complex.

Now Tenor is taking up the challenge too, on the 18th August 2018 he will have a concert which promises to be a mega concert as some dignitaries such as Samuel Eto’o have promised to be there, making people to wonder if Tenor is the only person fans will be coming to see that day.

Well, we know Tenor has been very consistent with his music and as such he has much to offer the public thus the concert promises to be very spectacular. Tickets are available at 2000frs for the regular tickets and 5000frs for VIP tickets, so to be part of this event just grab a ticket at any PMUC branch in Yaoundé and join Tenor on the 18th August 2018 make history.

Written by

Emmanuel Asafor