Salatiel ‘s new single Anita reaches 1 Million views on YouTube less than a month after it’s release. The recently acclaimed Hit song, since it’s release has been celebrated by most Cameroonians for it’s lack of nudity, no big words, 0 % abuse and 100 % talent and a song with a strong message. The High Man general who in the past years concentrated more on production, seems to have switched up his goals, and is paying more attention to his Music Career. From his recent singles released, Music-wise the high man general is the artist getting the attention the most at Alpha Better Records in 2019, could it be that it’s his time to shine? Wepelele. After impressing fans with Comme Ca(A nouse deux), the growth of Anita sends one important message across , “Salatiel‘s Chill Button is OFF” . While the High man General is still to announce the official release date of his star studded album, we remain anticipating while looking forward to how the second quarter of 2019 will look like musically. Cameroon urban music seems to have the right General charged with a job to propel the music troops in the right direction. Africa we are coming for you! Watch out, More MUTUMBU DEY ROAD.
Written by
Ngiahndoh reporting Live from Atuakom.