Cameroonian diva Blanche Bailly is known to be one of the most consistent female hitmakers when it comes to dropping back to back hit songs. The bond she succeeded in creating between herself and music producer PhillBillBeatz has yielded so many juicy fruits over the past 3 years. From Mimbayeur Featuring rapper Minks to To Bon Bon and lately Ndolo Produced by PhillBillBeatz and assistance from the fast rising producer Mccoy Twap.

Her recent hit song Ndolo which was directed by one who is referred to as the best video director in Cameroon and one of the best in Africa seems to be a clear copy of Nigerian fast rising singer Teni’s hit single titled “Case”.

How is this evident? From the time when Blanche calls on her friends and thugs to come beat up the “dude” who betrayed Blanche Bailly’s “Ndolo” in the supermarket seems to be a clear copy of when Teni’s crush was beaten up at the entrance of another supermarket and in a bid to prove her love for her dream man, she invited her thugs to come beat up the dude who violently abused her “dream man”

We would have love to go further in proving that this video concepts and storylines are the same but we want to leave it in the hands of the fans. What do you guys think?

Drop your thoughts below. To view Teni – Case Video, click here then to watch that of Blanche Bailly, click here

Victor Kange