About a month ago, One Love in a Facebook post called on some artistes in the Cameroonian music industry to join him sing a song for peace under the supervision of Pit Baccardi. The idea seemed to still be lingering in the industry as we have had no hint about any collaboration between artistes or at best we haven’t even seen other artistes responding this call by One Love. One more might be tempted to think that most of the artistes he shortlisted are not interested in peace talks or they simply have more pressing projects to take care of.

Some people initially thought the idea of a song by many artistes calling for peace was unnecessary but now the necessity of such a song seems to have increased and some people even want to use it to widen their fame. Deecy recently posted a screenshot of a colleague informing him about a beat sent to him by Salatiel for a possible song for peace. And he was wondering if a joint project would not be better. Well, as earlier said we have had no hint about a possible song for peace by artistes of the Cameroonian music industry. Do you think this song is necessary and if it is what impact do you think it will have? Feel free to voice your thoughts on this?