Many have expressed their worries about how the very promising career of one of Cameroon’s most talented female singers  Gasha might have  slowed down in the last few years.  Many who already termed her one of africa’s greats from the way she started off, might have fallen off along her Career path, but hey! in life everyone do  experience hardship. What matters is how you bounce back or accept what has happened and move forward.

Just for the Records, Gasha is a Cameroonian born and AFRIMMA award winning artist originially from the North west region of Cameroon who was born in the Countries economic Capital Douala.

Gasha started singing at the age of 11, with musical influences from music artists such as Cold Play, Eboa Lotin, Lauryn Hill, Richard Bona etc. Gasha is known for hits such as “This Life”, “Kaki Mbere” and later Faya di Burn Ft Magasco and “Chill” ft Eddy Kenzo.

After her work with the Miss Africa USA pageant in 2015, with the “Women Will Change Africa” soundtrack, Gasha’s zeal to break gender, geographical and racial boundaries has never been so pertinent.

As an independent artist, in 2016 Gasha’s “This Life Remix” featuring Law G takes the urban african tune to the streets of Atlanta giving a splendid spin with a dash of trap.  Gasha’s stay in the United states seemed not to yield good fruits as she somehow lost connection to her fans due to lack of new music.

In 2017 the female star who has a strong bond with her main producer Dj Pazzo AKA Sangtum, tried to churn out some new music  straight off her PolishedShaft Project. Some of the songs released were such as :

Gasha- Murder—>
Gasha- Back to Reality—>
Gasha- We Still Dey ft Nabil–>

Unfortunately Gasha has not been able to get that much support and Positive feedback from her recent releases like when her Career blossomed some years back.

What has really Happened? what does she need to work on?

Should Gasha hook up with the Salatiels, Akwandor, Phillbillbeatz or Big Joe…..for some New stuff? or Should remain with Sangtum?  its never bad to try out new things

Does she need to work on her Social media presence? Her Fanpage was lastly updated on October 20th.. Zero connection with the fans ..”Even a Happy New Year? …Sad”.

Can a Collabo with a now Hot or Trending artists do her good? .

Gasha will be back, i can feel it! She is on her Way.  What do you think she needs to work on? leave your comments behind.


Emmanuel Mfon(#TrendGuru).