On our Previous Post, We spoke about French Manager & Football Development expert Arsene Wenger as he said that if Kylian Mbappe was trained as a footballer in Cameroon instead of Europe,then he wouldn’t have been the star he is today.He used Cameroon as an example to talk about the poor development of players in Africa .

Picture of Arsene Wenger. Chief of Fifa’s Global Football Development

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This Statement however didn’t sit well with Mr Arrogant Wax Dey who has replied Wenger by saying that

“If Wenger had Coached Real Madrid, Then they wouldn’t have won any titles .”



Picture of Wax Dey’s Comment


It should be noted that Arsene Wenger is Fifa’s Chief of Global football development and a former Football manager who coached Arsenal for 22 years & never won a Champions League Title .


Kylian Mbappe is a Franco – Cameroonian/Algerian footballer who plays for Paris Saint Germain & France


Wax is a Cameroonian singer /songwriter

What do you make of these statements by Wax Dey ?