DJ eMJay,  born and raised in  bonaberi,  Cameroon   is a DJ based in Atlanta, in the US who began his journey to fill the void of excitement in the night life and ceremonial gatherings.
It was only a matter of time before promoters caught on to his gift of extracting the positive energy of the crowd to the dance floor. As a result, he became the go to DJ for Artists visiting the city.
In his career,  DJ eMJay has gotten the honor of working for hiphop and dance Hall artists such as Bone crusher, Wayne wonder, Akon, Gucci Mane, Law. His love for African music was regained with the explosion of Coupe Décaler and Afrobeats where he got to be the DJ for tens of their artists like DJ Lewis, P square, Victoria Kimani, Tia, DJ caloudji, mareshal, Serge beynaud and many others.
But the greatest excitement of his career has come from  DJing’ for his fellow Kmer artists that have visited the states, who’s genre range from bikutsi to Camer Afro Rnb/Pop. Artists such as coco Argentee, Maahlox, magasco, Gasha, Mr. Leo, and even up coming artists such as Eddy Bee and Prince P.
Other than DJing for celebrities, eMJay has been honored as a guest in the top DJ award show in Brussels, and has been invited to DJ at many international events including those on kmer, Germany, France  the UK etc.
What does the future hold for his adventure? Find out with him at ‘Camerican Pikin’ )Facebook,  @camericanboy (Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat)