Who says Cameroonians are not talented when it comes to music? Even though the Cameroonian music industry is still in her toddler days, there are some amazing raw talents which just need to be well harnessed in order for Cameroonian music to takeover Africa and the entire world. A glaring example of such an exceptional talent is Kameni.
 This young lady who has made herself an internet sensation by dropping freestyles on different beats of several songs seems to have now struck the jackpot! About a month ago Nigerian singer Timaya dropped his most recent hit “Bam Bam” and to promote it he launched a freestyle-acappela challenge for the song. Kameni in her usual style stepped on the beats of “Bam Bam” and totally killed it. Her own freestyle was so amazing that it had a rather uncommon reaction from Timaya when he posted it on his Instagram page(check the screenshots below).
And in the comment section we had several Cameroonian artistes such as Ko-C and Montess urging Timaya to absolutely work with Kameni.
Even Nigerian actor and producer Charles Inojie couldn’t hide his feelings. The talented comedian reposted the video on his Instagram.
It is quite clear now that Cameroon is full of talents. Do you think this is Kameni’s ticket to glory or will this just remain an Instagram vibe? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.