The Anglophone crisis has been a real eye opener to a lot of things. It is now clear that there are a lot of things have been hiding underground and this crisis has brought out a lot of them. The Cameroonian Entertainment Industry is one which is still growing and the best way to foster that growth is to play with people’s sense of importance and emotions in order to gather support from them and prompt then to endorse available projects and even remove their money to do one thing that fosters the growth of entertainment in Cameroon. That’s where things like #SupportYourOwn and Hold Hands Movement come from and they all come with a lot of emotion and it really makes people feel like the artistes have a real attachment to them. But the attachment or consideration artistes in Cameroon have for their fans is now very questionable. The crisis came and has wreaked and is still wreaking a lot of havoc, a lot of people cried out to their artistes whom they believe have considerations for them to use their influence and little was done, a lot of people died and now the artistes have come with a song titled “We Need Peace”, ordinarily it is a good move but it can be castigated in many ways and many points will work against it such as wrong timing, wrong theme and to some extent wrong artistes. And in the advent of disappointment and dissatisfaction I think it makes sense for the fans to whom artistes turn to for support anytime they release new projects or partake in events to show their dissatisfaction and express it. But our artistes seem not to agree as they seem to have refused to see the possibility of them going wrong somewhere, with several of these artistes clapping back at critics in very non-civil manners. Salatiel actually said “if this song wey i di sing di vex you, go kiss electric pole for malingo”. Seriously! A song that is supposed to be ensuing for peace, that’s the answer you give fans who have been strong partakers in your growth because they have identified a problem and criticized it. Same will hold for other artistes on the “We Need Peace” project such as Blaise B and Magasco. It is quite clear our artistes are very good at taking praises even for things they don’t deserve to take credit for but yet they can’t stand two seconds of criticism and it is a very sad situation. In as much as the artistes are also human and as such can be hurt too, it might sound obvious that they resist correction and play the defensive card but the difference is that their job is one which always puts them in the public eye. That said, it seems Cameroonian artistes have a real problem representing rightly the public which has backed their projects from scratch or are they simply being misinterpreted? Drop your thoughts in the comment section