Hello 237showbees, hope everything is going your way this morning. Today again we will be discovering another one of our own celebrities. We set today to discover a lady who is coming up and strong in the Cameroonian rap game, some people even say she’s the best female rapper in Cameroon and she is none other than the pretty “Into You” crooner Yung Meagan. This is 5 Things You Did Not Know About Yung Meagan.
1. She’s Addicted To Ice Cream: The artiste who evolves in France where she studies Medicine has a great affinity for ice cream, she even considers this affinity as an addiction.
2. Has Always Been Passionate About Music: The artiste has always loved music, she revealed having bought her first microphone at the age of 12 and began recording herself on old school beats.
3. Doesn’t Like Partying and Outings: In direct contradiction to what is known about most rappers, Yung Meagan doesn’t love partying and going out. Strange right!

4. Doesn’t Sleep Without Music: Definitely music is Yung Meagan’s most faithful partner. She finds it almost impossible to sleep without music in the background. Talk of a music lover!
5. Studies Better At Night: If you are wandering why Yung Meaganisn’t as present in the music scene as could be expected from someone with her talent, that will be because she is currently in school studying to become a medical doctor. And these studies are very demanding but yet she still succeeds to strike the balance and she reveals that she studies better at night.
Thank you dear people for staying with us and we hope you will have a great week with us as we strife to bring you firsthand updates on entertainment in Cameroon.