Hello dear 237showbees, hope the week went well for you all, today again we are discovering another one of our own celebrities. Today we discover N.A.T who partook in Status Update 2 with Wan Shey and Young Holiday and who recently dropped his single “Tum Ngare” which means gunshots in 5 Things You Did Not Know About N.A.T

1. Did His First Ever Demo Record At Age 17: N.A.T from a young age understood that music was going to be his source of livelihood and as such he put in his all into it and already at the age of 17 he succeeded to do a demo record of his own. Talk of a dream chaser!

2. He Had His Ordinary Level in Form Four: The artiste who is known for his vocal prowess was a tough lad in his secondary school days and that led to him registering and taking the ordinary levels exam in Form Four instead of Form Five and guess what? He passed!

3. He Served as Singing Prefect in Secondary School: N.A.T’s passion for music has always by transcended every other thing and so he always tried to blend it in every other thing he did. That led him to get the post of Singing Prefect in his secondary school days at G.B.H.S. Ndop.

4. Started Of As A Rapper: The artiste has not always been the guy with intriguing vocals that we know now, he kicked of his career as a rapper and even though he still raps now he has chosen to be known to the world as a vocalist. Maybe one of these days we will be able to hear one of his rap verses

5. Hates Traveling Long Distances: The “Tum Ngare” crooner has a lot of things he loves but traveling long distances is definitely not one of them. This might sound surprising to some as musicians are always believed to have out of proportion wanderlust, well; N.A.T is the exception to the rule.

Thanks dear people for following us thus far to discover one of our very own celebs, we will be back next week to discover yet another one of them but till then we implore you all to remain with us throughout this week for first hand updates in the Cameroonian World of Entertainment.