Hello, 237showbees today on our celebrity discovery page we bring you one Cameroon’s dancehall queens Ewube as you have never seen her before in 5 Things You Did Not Know About Ewube.

1. She Loves Traveling, meeting new people and discovering new cultures: As humans we all have our own share of wanderlust. Well,for the “Pop It” crooner it is actually a big thing.

2. Before being a singer she is a poet: The singer before becoming one is first of all a poet and we can comfortably say the poet corner does affect her music.

3. She Hates Washing Dishes and Pots Especially: The dancehall queen unlike a lot of African ladies doesn’t enjoy washing kitchenware especially pots. Well, even though this may sound odd for an African lady but we all have our little eccentricities.

4. She is a lover of automobiles, SUVs and power bikes: So this can be defined as her kind of “manly” side given that it is uncommon for ladies to show interest in such things. Well we can clearly see that Ewube is not like other girls.

5. Loves Children: Ewube has an overwhelming love for children and she privileges the time she spends around them. Surely, she will be a great mom.

Thanks for being with us at the discovery of Ewube, following recent rumours claiming she is working on some new music, we will not be wrong to be in anticipation. Till then, stay blessed and don’t forget to share your views on this things you just discovered about the artist.

Written by:

Emmanuel Asafor