The new Cameroonian rap sensation Boy Tag has been turning heads with his topnotch punch lines and sick flow and hence pulling a lot of attention at home and abroad,but the most part of us do not really know the man, we know the artist,so today we bring to you Boy Tag like you have never known him before in 5Things You Do Not Know About Boy Tag.

1. He is a Beatmaker:  The Rapster who is mostly popular for his great rhymes is also has as talent beatmaking,something which he does at his leisure but yet has somehow never been known for.

2. He was a semi-finalist in the 2013 edition of Mutzig-star: Boy Tag who has recently come to light in the Cameroonian Music scene has harbored the ambition of being a musician for a lot of years and that ambitioned him to the semi-final of the annually organized MutzigStar contest by the beer brand Mutzig beer. Definitely Boy Tag was born for this .

3. He Studied Accounting: The Rap sensation who has always been passionate about music ,did not resolve to putting all his eggs in one basket as he pursued his studies and did Accounting in the University of Buea. So as concerns Boy Tag if showbiz no for helep he will certainly be a renowned Accountant.

4. He Speaks Jamaican Patois: Apart from Cameroon’s two official languages Boy Tag also speaks the Jamaican official language. Clearly this guy is full of surprises.

5. He is passionate about Agriculture: As Cameroonians the majority of us have more than once found ourselves on the way to the farm, well, Boy Tag is no exception. In fact, he so much loves agriculture that he identifies himself as an Agriculturalist.

We can see from these 5 things that Boy Tag apart from being an amazing rapper is full of resources and as such we can comfortably believe that he has a lot more to offer us as far as his music is concerned.We will be back next week to discover another artists in this very rubric,but till then you all remain blessed and have a great week