Hello,237showbees and once more welcome to this very exciting spot on your Cameroon’s number one entertainment platform.Today we have the Talented rapper and songwriter BluePrint Hakeem. If you have  never known him before Here are 5 Things You Do Not Know About BluePrint Hakeem.


1. He Holds A 1st Degree In Journalism and Mass Communication From Polytechnic Bambui:This highly-inspired rapper who is on a fast rise to the top doesn’t have only his musical releases on his CV he also has a 1st Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.Maybe that’s why his music so easily speaks to his fans,after all he did that in school.


2.He Is Good In Drawing:Apart from the microphone,BluePrintHakeem is also very good with his pencil,in fact he is so good that he wracked several awards and prizes related to drawing throughout his primary school and secondary school days.


3.He Is Passionate About Football:As most of the young boys in Cameroon BluePrintHakeem also tried his hands or legs to football and he actually was very good at it.He participated in the Top Cup and was selected as Beat Defender in Bamenda but due to his father’s refusal he did not continue with a career in football.I guess we should all be thanking his dad for that.


4. His Dad Serves As His Greatest Inspiration and Driving Force:The ingenuous rapper has as inspiration his Dad in both sports and music as his dad is one of the referees selected by FIFA for the 1994 World Cup and also the African 1st Division in the late 90s and early 2000s and like his dad he is also a great pianist.Talk about a father’s contribution.


5.Is Currently Pursuing A Masters’ Degree in Fashion Designing:In a bid to saturate his CV and expand his horizons ,BluePrintHakeem is currently pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Fashion Designing.


Blueprint Hakeem has released Cold Like Alaska Album, and was part of a dangerous Tag team alongside Blahk Santa on the Excuse My English EP that took the industry by storm. Blueprint recently announced the coming of his Collaboration with Africa’s Finest Rap act M.I abaga.

This guy is definitely a very highly driven person Dear people thanks for following us at the discovery of the charismatic BluePrint Hakeem,and catch you next week at the discovery of another one of our 237 show business major players.