Concert Des Etoiles 2nd February 2018 is one which proclaimed by many fans to be the first biggest show in Cameroon this year 2018, considering the talents set to perform such as Daphné, Me. Leo, Dynatie and Maahlox with special guest artistes like Boy Tag that shared the same stage at Palais Des Sports in Yaoundé. The concert saw a huge crowd of screaming music lovers and fans during their favorite artistes performances.

Although there was a few delay due to a technical faults with the generator, we are glad the concert didn’t end up in a fiasco. Although sources say the likes of Mr. Leo couldn’t perform due to timing. Sad!
Everything was going on well until it was time for Dynastie’s performance. Our sources say he took like forever on stage and his performance became boring. With time running out and the likes of Maahlox were yet to perform, the angry mob began chanting the name ”Maahlox Maahlox Maahlox”. Feeling shy and embarrassed, Dynastie told the angry crowd that he doesn’t  ”Smoke weed, neither does he make music about female Ass and serve to his fans.” then he tossed the mic.

Maahlox on his part during his performance responded to Dynastie saying ”Le Gros Cul De Sa Maman” he later on added that he is the king when it comes to making the fans feel the buzz in the city of Yaoundé.
This is just the part 1. In as much we don’t support beef but unity among artistes, you and I know very well that ”Thid matter no fit finish”

Your thoughts?
-Victor Kange