Kossa is a fusion of Makossa and Afro pop. This song is written and performed by Ale Myz, and it was produced by Tam Gaëlo. Kossa is the first single off Ale Myz’s forthcoming EP. It contains a sample from a Charlotte Dipanda song. This song was inspired by old school Cameroon Makossa so Ale Myz named it “Kossa”. She reminds us of, and at the same time pays respect to some Cameroon Makossa legends like Manu Dibango, Petit Pays, Grace Decca and more. With her soothing vocals, Ale Myz uses 5 different languages (English, Pidgin English, Bangwa, Duala and French) as she sings. This is a very catchy song which will get you vibing from start to finish. Enjoy, and please spread the love by sharing this beautiful piece of art.

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