Tilla the Godmother breaks silence to remind those who claimed to have owned the female Rap throne that it wont be a walk in the park. The Godmother who from her facebook posts, made us to believe that she has been silent because she was seriously sick, is preparing to release a new song really soon for her fans come october 7th. While she was gone, Askia made a Facebook post claiming that she is currently the Best female rapper in Cameroon(See post here).  There was dead silence untill when the Godmother stepped in to disagree , her Current post claims she currently has no competition(see screenshot below).  Where is this leading to? Y’all need to hit the studio and keep making good music. For the records, Askia and  Tilla did a song  and it will be released soon. As a matter of fact, fans will always argue about  who is best, and Artists always need to consistently prove that from the art they release to the media. I dont know where this is leading to, but there is much work to be done. is this some cold beef? leave your opinion in the comment section below.