The Chase is an 8 Track mixtape EP of both Rap and RnB that recounts the journey and steadfastness of the artiste to his course. The artiste does not only entertain but he informs and educates.The artiste is about  practicing what he preaches reason why the mixtape EP is about promoting  Kamer artiste and the sound engineers who are doing an incredible Job. Instead of using other instrumentals from artiste of other countries when we have good artiste here with good instrumentals from good sound engineers. He posited in the past that when we do that we indirectly promote their own industry meanwhile we got ours to build. He also raised the prob of artiste not making their instrumentals available and till now that is not a practice cuz he was forced to go inbox and request for some of their instrumentals… Some gave and others didn’t any ha!!The Mixtape is special and features some great kamer artiste in the likes of Slim, Young Holiday, King Roy, Ice Bones, Dk, Gozai, Mc Neillex and Dub. It also features instrumentals from Zele Jovi  Lemonstre, song Sango Edi, Dijay KarlMethod J Tabiy,Nkeng Stephens and Salatiel Sala’a.
For this project to be complete, the following sound engineers mixed and mastered different songs; Deejae Glenny, Dj Cliff, Lanjo, Dub, DK and DJ Knorry.