NGOMA is a Cameroonian Afro Rap artist who made his debut into the Cameroon music scene with single “Afe Nkap” which was a remarkable sucess, he even made it bigger when he released his second single “Ekie” a few months ago. Ngoma is known for his remarkable rap skills and Punchlines. He makes a fantastic blend between  English, Pidgin & Ngemba to serve listeners with some entertainment, this makes him unique. The song SDCC is an extract from he’s upcoming Album (Greatest of All Time – G.O.A.T, which will be released later this year) “Sors De Ce Corps” meaning “Get out of this body” in English. Ngoma describes S.D.C.C as a movement towards positivity and a call for action for anyone who has been sleeping on their levels to wake up from Slumber, he  expantiates on he’s message by telling a short story of himself, because from where he comes from, in he’s own words  “Money man…na First man” . S.D.C.C is produced by Buea Based Producer Edi Le Drae. While waiting for the video to be released anytime soon. Have a listen to this song and drop your comments below.