Kking Kum Ft Happy D’Efoulan – Yayato

‘Yayato‘  by Kking Kum Ft Happy D’Effoulan is contemporary music of a typical Cameroonian society heavily influenced by ‘Mbolé’ which could be
described as a de-facto genre or a break away from the popular Bikutsi genre.

“Yayato” is a pidgin English slang that means “welcome”. The song serves as a tool for activism against domestic violence prioritizing the female gender while inviting the males to respect women regardless of their social statuses.

It’s very energetic and lively which gives room for dancing complemented with a memorable and catchy hook. The lyrics of the song are delivered in the French

The song “Yayato” was directed by Serial Shooter

Download “Yayato” by Kking Kum below