Gilly C – Ngang Menang

ABT Entertainment singer Gilly C drops a new single titled “Ngang Menang” . He best describes this song as a folklore song that originates from the Bafut Fondom. The term is used to refer to ill intention-ed people who come either invited or uninvited to cause problems and division amongst people. Verse 2 portrays the intelligence of the African people using a local proverb (using one stone to shoot two birds). Verse 3 called ”Mansoh’ is common on the lips of every kindred of the Bafut Fondom ‘. It teaches us to always put LOVE above MONEY. The Chicken in the video is very symbolic in traditional settings and it’s gizzard is considered sacred. it is eaten only by Men or titled Men depending on the circumstance. A myth holds that, a certain woman referred to in this song as Ndegha Chang ate the Gizzard. The song is asking her why she ate the sacred gizzard as if she is living in a house without an owner (she disrespected the men in the house).

The song was produced by Abztrumental and is definitely a tune which can take you in a musical journey to the village . Albert Ngwa directed the video too.

Download “Ngang Menang” by Gilly C below