Hundreds of Cameroonian songs come out every month, and if you blink while looking at your favorite music websites/soundcloud or wherever else you hear about new music, you are bound to miss something. We spend hours every day watching for and listening to hordes of new music, and we’ve decided to put our best finds all in one place. As the year is soon coming to an end it is but normal that we have to analyze and give you the real statistics on the top 10 songs released from cameroon. The top 10 was chosen from the period  between November 2015 to september 2016, the criteria for selection  is based on  its hit potential,media popularity and also songs backed by popular demand. Enjoy the count down

10. Minks – Le gars la est Laid

Mink’s Hit song le gars la est laid, whose audio was released some months back has been one of the most talked about songs in 2016. The audio spread like wild fire, with about 240,000 views on youtube in just 3 months, Minks had no choice than to serve fans with a video. LGLEL deserves a spot in the top 10


9. SalatielCa se passe ici

When you hear “Salatiel on this one” or “Na salatiel do the beat again” at the intro of any song know it is about to go down. Salatiel’s Ca se Passe Ici directed by Nkeng Stephens  amazed Cameroonians in a very sweet way, he was able to blend makossa and a couple of Oldie’s from the 80s and 90s to serve us with this masterpiece. Ca se Passe Ici has made mad waves everywhere from tv stations to radios and also many websites.


8. Stanley Enow X Aka X Locko- Bounce

After his album release,Stanley Enow like a hunter man  went hunting for Collabo’s, S.A super mega AKA hooked him up and gave Bounce a pro rap feel. Bounce received mixed feelings from fans, due to Locko’s absence, even that couldnt shun the brilliance radiated from this masterpiece. The song gained top spots on Trace Urban, Africa and also gained massive airplay on media platforms. Bounce is one of the finest releases from 237 this year. it was only right that it made our top 10


7. Dynastie Le Tigre – Dingue De Toi

Dynastie’s “Dingue De Toi” is the first extract  from his second album titled  LA LOI DE LA NATURE which was released in may 2016. The song was produced by Salatiel and has ever since gained much love from the cameroonian people. The video currently is at 410,668 on  youtube. Dynastie’s  song – Juste Un Peu ft Xmaleya  could fight easily  with Dingue De Toi  for spot 5, no matter who wins, his spot is worth the sweat.


6. Franko Telephone

After the global success of ” Coller La Petite ” Franko returns with ” Telephone ”. A theme song that describes and talks about everyday problems posed by the telephone today in our various homes. The song eventhough not as catchy as Coller La Petite  spread like jungle fire hence earning  spot 6.


5.  MagascoWule Bang Bang 

Magasco‘s blossom after signing for label Empire is no longer news. Wule bang bang released in december 2015, is one of the most talked about songs in 2016. even the smallest kid who barely can talk could murmur  to the choruss “Wule bang bang”  when it is being aired on TV. Nevertheless Magasco has been giving his fans a hard time on choosing which favorite to play at parties, birthdays or clubs. All Vip and Wule bang bang are A list hit tracks that will get your good mood on, anytime you listen to them. This list would have been irrelevant if any of his tracks didnt make the cut.


4. Mr Leo -On va gerer

Mr Leo who’s voice calms spirits is also at the top of his game in 2016. His Hit single On va Gerer was released in november 2015, but had a massive impact in 2016. His song was used by the Military to match on the 20th of may which is something very rare and never happened to any urban artist before. His song got so popular that he had to perform at the Unity palace in Etoudi infront of Chantal Biya. There is absolutely no way we could have missed his song On Va gerer, credits also could be given to his other hit song Kemayo.


3. LockoNdutu

Locko as humble and calm as he is, has been having a really outstanding  year in his career. Award shows such as Afrimma couldnt even dare to snob  his talent, reason why he was nominated for Best New Comer 2016.  His hit song Ndutu has been the IT, Locko could basically just murmur on an afrobeat and Bingo you get a hitsong.  Ndutu gained massive airplay on radio stations, tv stations and also was featured on all cameroonian blogs/website. He definitely merits spot 3.


2. Maahlox  tuer pour tuer

Maahlox has been the most consistent Cameroonian artist in 2016. He is one of the very talented Artist who can basically rap about anything on any beat and people will love it. His wordplay mixed with very common street slangs makes his music worth listening to. In 2016 he has released 3 fantastic songs: Tuer pour Tuer, Ca ne rit pas and Tu montes Tu Descends  he is  basically unstopable. Tuer pour Tuer  released earlier in 2016 was well received by cameroonians it gained massive airplay on radios, tv stations, and also on a vast majority of cameroonian websites.  Tuer pour Tuer is currently at 1,2 million views on youtube. Maahlox’s hardwork this year has been enormous, reason why he was one of the only Cameroonian Artists to feature on the Canal plus Afrique talk show which had only 4 cameroonian artists on it. He got that juice.


1- Renissla sauce

Reniss AKA Rere has been the most talked about female artist in 2016, she has seen a rise in her fan base and drastic shift in her career thanks to her hit single La sauce produced by Le Monstre. . The audio song that got viral, left the team with no option than to shoot a video that could mimic the very catchy audio, February 16th did what was right to give that video the number 1 spot which it deserves. La sauce  released in may 2016 is Currently at  1,6 million views  on youtube, La sauce is the song on the lips of everyone around the country and it was just right that it takes the top spot.


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